Sunday, August 1, 2010

How To Handle The August Rush

For many of us, August is a scramble to get all that one can out of the last few weeks of vacation, the starting of a new school year, stocking up for fall fashion, the end of all that summer sun, digging out that bag of no-goods for you fall yard sale, or one of the many other grand tasks that can make life seem that much more hectic.  And, to top it all of, it's as humid as the God above could make it.
So, while you're busy in that hot, heavy August air that seems to weigh you down and keep you indoors, here are some things to remember:
  • Pack only the essentials in your purse!  No one wants to lug around a sack of bricks.  All the better to accumulate some nasty underarm stains, my dear.
  • A packet of tissues and face wipes (such as Ponds) are perfect and easy to carry with you to tackle the worst of your smudge and fudge make-up drama
  • Keep a hair tie and boby pins handy, just in case your hair can't stand up against the level of humidity.  If you know their may be some level of endurance put to the test (even doing your groceries on foot counts in this weather!), bring a cute headband or more decorative hair clip to fasten to your pony tail, so that you still look put together but your bangs aren't sticking to your face...because that's not cute
  • Don't forget to drink los of water!  Even with all that moisture in the air, it's hot and heavy and making your own body cool itself off by means of perspiration.  Sooo, replenish what you're body is releasing and drink up! (drink up your H2O, that is)  When you stay hydrated, your body feels much better and stepping outside won't seem like such a crazy idea.
Hope these tips help!  Tell me: how else do you handle the August heat?

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