Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A World of Fashion

Comment back with your favorite trend or style from another part of the world!
OR, comment ith a style that's unique to wherever it is that you live!
My challenge to you is to read the comments of others and try out this foreign fashion!
Bonne Chance :)

What's In The Bag?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tips Before You Tweeze

  1. Before anything else, wash your hands and make sure you are using clean tweezers!
  2. Use a gentle face wash around the eyebrow area before (to remove excess oils n the face) and after (to keep newly exposed pores/follicles clean and clear) tweezing.
  3. Mark the shape/area that you want to tweeze with a white, chalky make-up pencil.
  4. Avoid tweezing the topside of your eyebrow (aside from a single hair that may grow from much higher than the rest), but rather use that shape and natural curve to tweeze the underside.
  5. Tweeze hairs one at a time to avoid accidentally removing too many and being left with an awkward bare patch.
  6. Do not tweeze too close to the mirror!  You ar more likely to overpluck and, because you are focused so cloely on a single brow, are also very ikely to pluck two different shapes.  This will only cause you to have to stress about evening and how you will cover up your mistakes- so take a step back!
  7. Having trouble getting rid of some of those smaler hairs?  Try dipping the tips of your tweezers in baby powder or your mineral make-up powder o provide a stronger grip.
  8. It's silly to have to say this, but there are some people who don't know that you should never try to shave or use a razor to "remodel" the shape of your eyebrows or if you are a first time tweezer and have a lot of work to do.
  9. After tweezing, if the eyebrow area is red or irritated, rest a cold compress, cucumber slices, or chilled green tea bags on he irritated area(s) to soothe and reduce irritation.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wishlist: Metallic Oxfords!!

As an avid reader of TeenVogue magazine, I first saw these shoes a few years ago and was in love.  However, I decided against purchasing a pair for myself, because most styles in the metallic/sequin family are short-lived and the price of the pair I wanted was not something I wanted to spend if it wasn't a true investment in my closet. (and you can take that tip about waiting on most sequin/metallic fads to the bank ;] )  But since that issue (from around) two years ago, I have seen these shoes sneak into features done in all seasons.  These shoes seem to have beat the norm and are staying in style through seasons as well as beyond its fellow fads!

My suggestion: save up some moo-lahh and buy yourself a pair!  Then, post your favorite outfit in which you've incorporated your shoes!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fashion up to the Finale

For anyone who watches MTV, you are probably well aware that the finale of The Hills is on tomorrow night!  While the main idea around which the show is based is to show the "real" people of Hollywood/"The Hills", it also does an excellent job of providing an alterior souce as the inspiration for many girl/women's wardrobes!
As the show coes to an end, check out MTV's website and watch some reruns or look through their pictures of The Hills and be inspired!  But while you are finding inspiration, remember that the cast has the money to buy designer clothes.  By being inspired, you aren't taking the exact outfit, but rather finding a look that you love and making it your own with pieces that you ind in your own price range or with pieces that you borrow from your girlfriends!  Have a favorite look from The Hills?  Comment about it here!

Mixing that Matches

This picture comes from an issue of TeenVogue magazine.  I loveloveloved this piece because of how fantastic the outfits on the girl look.  Something to try this summer: mix patterns!  Find a combination that you love and wear it when you goback to school in the fall.  I want to add that the patterns don't have to be entirely different- you can also match different floral prints or different sized stripes.  To keep the look clean, try to find prints with siilar color schemes or a mutual outstanding color.  You will definitely be turning heads with your confident but coordinated look!  Have fun with this challenge!  Comment with your results.