Friday, June 25, 2010

Bottom of the Box At The Top of My List

Congratulations, Valentino!  You have continued to be my favorite designer of all time!
The Spring-Summer collection presents  the messy look in a way that is absolutely gorgeous- it's like finding a Barbie at the bottom of the box- her hair may be a little wispy and her dress a little crimped, but she still shines.  This look that V has given us is a beautifully messy look that turns fringey frills, aged laced, and natural hair into a vision of elegance.  Take this look and turn it int your own to make a statement in your school, workplace, or a night out on the town.

Domo Arigato?

You won't need to sharpen your geometry skills to understand the fabulousity of this trend:
Origami pleats ae finding their ways across necklines and aound waists, haning onto our hems and hanging in our closets.  They are a chic and futuristic look, comparable to none for their sharp and distinct form.
But beware: origami pleats are very memorabe, so they are best worn at big events where you want to stand out and not to work (because then you will have to keep track of when you wore each piece, in avoidance of overwearing the look)!
So, if you find a killer origami-pleats piece, it may be worth the splurge if you can find the appropriate occasion!  If not,just enjoy it on the runways this season :)

Grunge-y Goodness

Summer Grunge Fashion is something you have probably been noticing more frequently.  At first, it looked like a rebellious form of expression, but it's goodto see that it is growing into an accepted and embraced style.  The truth is, grunge isn't just throwing on aything and looking like you're leaving a rock concert- it is casual but chic in it's own way.  I hope you all take a few chances this summer and try the grunge look yourself (or if it's already a style yo've chosen to all your own, be proud you were part of the start of this from the get-go! )

A great source of inspiration is Audrina Partridge, most commenly reconized for her large role in The Hills, in more recent episodes of this MTV "reality".  Another great source of inspiration is this picture I found (thanks, google!) on  They also appear to be a great inspiration for he grunge fashion look.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wishlist- Bow-Tie Skirt

On my wislist since I saw it in the fall on MarthaStewart- this skirt is absolutely adorable without being too costume-y.  It is elegant but not too princess-y.  It is beuatifully made and i absolutely adore it.  Santa, I promise to be extra good this year if you will just bring me this J Crew Bow-Tie Skirt!!

The Beau Bow

Chances are you that even if you haven't seen a full episode, you have seen some GossipGirl flash across your TV/computer/cell screen.  While many watch it to get their weekly dose of NYC drama, it is actually a very fun way to find fahion inspiration!  A big focus right now (and yes, I know, raher contradictory to the "pretty boy" look in many ways).
I am a quite the girly girl in my fashion choices on most occassions, so this post comes rather naturally...  From headbands to earring, embellished tops to full ribbon gowns, I love myself some ribbons and bows! :)
Take this little collage as the start of you inpiration for a bow-tastic outfit and comment with your mega-bow creation please!  Be extra creative and go all out!

Pulling off the "Pretty Boy"

The "pretty boy" look has been a growing trend everywhere, from school to celebrities!  I'm am definitiely not uggesting that you go and switch out your sweaters for some Don Draper suits, but I do think girls/women are glamming up by girly-ing down.
The oxford shoe has been a big trend lately- and like manna from heaven it's being made with a high heel for that feminine element!  The neck/bow-tie is something simple to incorporate ito your outfits.  Personally, Ilike to go wih an oversized/flow bow tie to give it a more glam girl look.
Also, next time you are looking through a flea market or parousing the local garage sales (i'm telling you- these are the best place to find unique accessories!), look for an oversized button up flannel.  It looks so effortless when pulled o ove a plain white T, hair pulle back, and dark-wash jeans.
Another great boy-borrowed accessory is their belt!  This is a great element to have for an oversized sweater, or (more fitting for the season) a flowy spring dress.  Use it t accent your shape by wrapping aound the waist.  Since you are almost guaranteed to have the end of the belt hanging off (because chances are your sweater or dress won't have belt loops where it's most flattering), tuck the end over end behind the belt.  This is another way to subtly seem cute, diverse, and effortless in your outfit.

As they say in J.Crew, it's cute to "Borrow from the Boys"

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Buttons and Bouquets- First Post

Hello World!

This is the first blog for Buttons and Bouquets! A modest start with a simple page and salutation, yes, but I have some big goals for this site. The short term goal is that this blog will be an inspiration for many. However, my long-term goal is to build up my name and a following of fashion-lovers (like myself) that will be there when I start my own fashion line. You heard it here- this is my first step in becoming a well-known designer...but in the lightest sense of the word because I'm not trying to be the next Chanel or Valentino :)

What To Expect From B+B

My Inspirations:
  • France ♥♥♥ (France- je t'aime)
  • Valentino (elegant but not too costume-y. his work just feels like glamour!)
  • Television Shows like The Hills/The City, Gossip Girl, LIVE! with Regis and Kelly, among countless others (Kudos to the stylists!)
  • Nature (colors combinations, structure of flower petals, light v. dark, etc.)
  • School (you never know what you're going to see!)
  • Magazines (from TeenVogue to Seventeen to Living to Bon Appetit!, I can find inspiration on almost any page of a magazine)
  • Our Beloved Pop Culture! I love the style of so many starts, but my favorites are: Emma Watson, LAuren Conrad, Paris Hilton, Amanda Seyfreid, Whitney Port, Emma Roberts, Camilla Belle, Alexa Chung, and (again) so many more!

I hope that you will for now and always appreciate fashion, even if you don't follow this blog. It is such a fantastic mode of self-expression and it is so fun o se how it is always changing.

♥les semble plus lisse, plus forts les esprits, plus doux coeurs♥