Monday, November 22, 2010

Delightful Style of the Deathly Hallows stars

Not only has everyone been raving about the latest Harry Potter movie, but they have been falling in love with the stars' styles as well.  Emma Watson, who plays the knowledgeable Hermione in the series, has been an "up and coming" fashion icon herself.  But the triple threat (Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Ms. Watson) are becoming very popular topics in the fashion world.  Not only do their characters in the movies have a very natural and wearable style, often layering quirky prints and knits, but the stars themselves are becoming magically chic trend setters themselves.  The picture above (from a past edition of Teen Vogue magazine) is one of my favorites- their elegance played down with whimsical prints and dishevelled hair.  The picture to the right (from google images) shows Watson in a scene from HP7.1 wearing an outfit that would surely get you compliments if worn into town for a cool fall day of window shopping!

If you have been paying attention at all to fashion lately, you surely have heard about Watson's lack of locks.  Not terribly long ago, she decided to go in a "new do" direction, leaving her curly tresses for a modern pixie.  Said Regis Philbin on "Live! with Regis and Kelly" last week, "You look like Audrey Hepburn!" (and it was very apparent that Watson took this as a great compliment).  Very true, her new look was an excellent decision and is the image of elegance.  Perhaps something you might try soon? ...I think you have a few months before it will be warm enough to do the deed without chilly-eared regret.

So, use this look to inspire you as you go out and about on these crisp fall/winter days.  Layer up with solid sweaters, showing just a bit of layered long-sleeves and blouses.  Simple jewelry takes a back-seat to the statement collars and bulky buttons, which accent your collar bone (extra tip: try brushing the lightesttt bit of shimmer powder/bronzer from the dimple of your collarbone and out to each shoulder blade.  this catches he light and makes it stand out just enough.  but, don't forget to blend!).  Post your favorite Harry Potter fashion scene here and share you HP-inspired looks!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fashion GUYcons- Vampire Weekend

For anyone who hasn't yet, I suggest that you plug yourself in to some Vampire Weekend to enjoy a truly unique sound and one of my favorite groups.  For those of you in the know, VW does not only create great music, but also dresses to the nines and have brought back the ivy league look in the states and abroad.

I pulled some pics to show you just how chic these gents can be (please note that ll pictures were taken from google images) and you may just want to Run to Cape Cod and see for yourself.  Notice that each member always has their own way of pulling off this style- the layering, the scarves, stripes versus plaid versus pastel, and the right keds or Sperry's.  Don't want to pay Ivy League prices for their looks?  Check out your local Good Will, flea market, and discount stores to find unique pieces like these for a very smart price.

Take some inspiration from their pastel polos, classic striped sweaters, and fun glasses, and maybe you too can get an A+ in the Ivy League look.

Tweet me your VW-inspired looks @HauteForHelp !

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From Fanning to Fashionista!

Earlier this year, Dakota Fanning was featured in Teen Vogue (a shoot from which this picture was taken). Up until recently, Fanning hadn’t really been on our (my…) fashion radar. But, with her return to the spotlight (especially with her role in the crazed Twilight series), the paparazzi are capturing more and more evidence that this girl’s got style!

Although she’s often seen sporting the more girly-grunge look, Fanning went girly-glam for with Teen Vogue. For those of you gearing up for Fall Formals and Homecoming, use Dakota’s chunky heals, tulip/pouf skirt, trimmed waistline as inspiration for a killer look!

Post a picture of your DakotaTV-inspired look below!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Girl of The (Violet) Hour

Ashley Greene is known to many as the face of Alice Cullen from the increasingly popular Twilight series. However, Ms. Greene has taken her time in the spotlight to show us how talented she is in both her acting as well as her self-styling! If you haven’t already, I suggest you take some inspiration from Ashley the next time you are getting ready for the next (and swiftly approaching!) cocktail or holiday party. Chances are, you will receive a lot of compliments for your chic, sleek, unique look.

To mimic Ashley’s look, go for gravity-defying hair, smoky (brown) eyes, a single statement accessory, and bold but solid clothes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

So Here's The Skinny- The Skinny CHALLENGE!

   After going through a pretty rough period in late 2008 and early 2009, I realized that the emotional stress I was going through lead me to gaining quite a bit of weight- I'll admit that at one point I was 30lbs. heavier!  Since my realization, I have had no luck with working out (mostly because I am so busy that if I don't see quick results, then I move on to the next thing).  Being a senior, I want to get back down to a healthy weight and regain my old energy before moving onto the next stage of my life.
   For the last few months, I have been toying with the idea of going vegetarian.  I have a very serious admiration for fruits, veggies, beans, etc. ... but there are just some days where a slider just sounds too good to pass up.  So, I am making a full-fledged commitment to going vegetarian.  Shile some may argue that vegetarian is for the "granola communities" or is "an excuse of an ating disorder", I do have strong reasons for deiding that this is the right choice:
  • getting more vitamins/minerals/antioxidants than from chemical/hormone fed meats
  • lessens carbon footprint
  • easier on digestive system
  • there have been enough gory movies and disgustingly-visual-poster-wielding activists to freak me out into buying humane mousetraps!
  • healthier lifestyle/diet! (as long as sensible portions are still maintained- BUT I still make sure my body is getting all that it needs)
I decided to go vegetarian, rather than vegan, because #1 it's too hard to be vegan in school because you practically have to pack your own food to go to a party! #2 I feel like taking eggs and milk out of my diet would be doing more harm than helping.  I am also not going to beat myself up over having a sensible portion of fish (what do you think- maybe only special occassions?), as long as they are wild caught AND on MarthaStewart's/WholeFood's list of seafood that is acceptible to fish. (Something everyone should check out before you go shopping, to make sure that you aren't supporting the breaking down of otherwise sustainable underwater ecosystems)
   In addition to going vegetarian, I am also going to cut processed sugars out of my diet!  Crazy, right?  Well, actually, my mother and sister have bothalready done this and raved about how much better they looked and felt.  I will still be using natural sweeteners and treating myself to a sugar-free chocolate every now and then (FYI to anyone trying to cut sugar- limit yourself to 1-2 a day, as too many can have a laxative effect and that is NOT a healthy way to live!).  But, this will mean no more sugary cereals, cookies at lunch, or big bowls of ice cream!  And that's the problem: my biggest weakness IS ice cream, and I know from experience that store-bought sugar-free ice cream is nothing like the real deal.  Guess who's pulled out the old ice cream maker to make some natural-sweetener ice cream? Errr... Ice Milk? haha I'll give you a hint- you're reading her blog right now!
   Periodically, I will be posting about my progress, vegetarian/sugar-free recipes to try (great for bringing to parties!), and new things I learn from my diet experience on my other blog: Quelle Est La Cote.  Check it out to keep up and support my progress (please☺)!  My hope for this "experiment" is, after the 3 month test period, that I will be looking and feeling as well, if not better, than I used to.  And how great must be that extra kick of confidence when you try on a killer outift and you know that you look as wonderful as you've been feeling.  Since I hear that the early period of dieting can eave you in a bit of a fog, maybe, in my chocolate and met and chocolate meat drought, some incredible inspiration and fashion revelation will cometo me like wonderfully stylish manna from heaven!  All I can hope is that early period is very short lived and the fashion (slash fashion blogging) stays fresh, fabulous, and more fierce than ever before!
Thanks to you all!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

How To Handle The August Rush

For many of us, August is a scramble to get all that one can out of the last few weeks of vacation, the starting of a new school year, stocking up for fall fashion, the end of all that summer sun, digging out that bag of no-goods for you fall yard sale, or one of the many other grand tasks that can make life seem that much more hectic.  And, to top it all of, it's as humid as the God above could make it.
So, while you're busy in that hot, heavy August air that seems to weigh you down and keep you indoors, here are some things to remember:
  • Pack only the essentials in your purse!  No one wants to lug around a sack of bricks.  All the better to accumulate some nasty underarm stains, my dear.
  • A packet of tissues and face wipes (such as Ponds) are perfect and easy to carry with you to tackle the worst of your smudge and fudge make-up drama
  • Keep a hair tie and boby pins handy, just in case your hair can't stand up against the level of humidity.  If you know their may be some level of endurance put to the test (even doing your groceries on foot counts in this weather!), bring a cute headband or more decorative hair clip to fasten to your pony tail, so that you still look put together but your bangs aren't sticking to your face...because that's not cute
  • Don't forget to drink los of water!  Even with all that moisture in the air, it's hot and heavy and making your own body cool itself off by means of perspiration.  Sooo, replenish what you're body is releasing and drink up! (drink up your H2O, that is)  When you stay hydrated, your body feels much better and stepping outside won't seem like such a crazy idea.
Hope these tips help!  Tell me: how else do you handle the August heat?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A World of Fashion

Comment back with your favorite trend or style from another part of the world!
OR, comment ith a style that's unique to wherever it is that you live!
My challenge to you is to read the comments of others and try out this foreign fashion!
Bonne Chance :)

What's In The Bag?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tips Before You Tweeze

  1. Before anything else, wash your hands and make sure you are using clean tweezers!
  2. Use a gentle face wash around the eyebrow area before (to remove excess oils n the face) and after (to keep newly exposed pores/follicles clean and clear) tweezing.
  3. Mark the shape/area that you want to tweeze with a white, chalky make-up pencil.
  4. Avoid tweezing the topside of your eyebrow (aside from a single hair that may grow from much higher than the rest), but rather use that shape and natural curve to tweeze the underside.
  5. Tweeze hairs one at a time to avoid accidentally removing too many and being left with an awkward bare patch.
  6. Do not tweeze too close to the mirror!  You ar more likely to overpluck and, because you are focused so cloely on a single brow, are also very ikely to pluck two different shapes.  This will only cause you to have to stress about evening and how you will cover up your mistakes- so take a step back!
  7. Having trouble getting rid of some of those smaler hairs?  Try dipping the tips of your tweezers in baby powder or your mineral make-up powder o provide a stronger grip.
  8. It's silly to have to say this, but there are some people who don't know that you should never try to shave or use a razor to "remodel" the shape of your eyebrows or if you are a first time tweezer and have a lot of work to do.
  9. After tweezing, if the eyebrow area is red or irritated, rest a cold compress, cucumber slices, or chilled green tea bags on he irritated area(s) to soothe and reduce irritation.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wishlist: Metallic Oxfords!!

As an avid reader of TeenVogue magazine, I first saw these shoes a few years ago and was in love.  However, I decided against purchasing a pair for myself, because most styles in the metallic/sequin family are short-lived and the price of the pair I wanted was not something I wanted to spend if it wasn't a true investment in my closet. (and you can take that tip about waiting on most sequin/metallic fads to the bank ;] )  But since that issue (from around) two years ago, I have seen these shoes sneak into features done in all seasons.  These shoes seem to have beat the norm and are staying in style through seasons as well as beyond its fellow fads!

My suggestion: save up some moo-lahh and buy yourself a pair!  Then, post your favorite outfit in which you've incorporated your shoes!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fashion up to the Finale

For anyone who watches MTV, you are probably well aware that the finale of The Hills is on tomorrow night!  While the main idea around which the show is based is to show the "real" people of Hollywood/"The Hills", it also does an excellent job of providing an alterior souce as the inspiration for many girl/women's wardrobes!
As the show coes to an end, check out MTV's website and watch some reruns or look through their pictures of The Hills and be inspired!  But while you are finding inspiration, remember that the cast has the money to buy designer clothes.  By being inspired, you aren't taking the exact outfit, but rather finding a look that you love and making it your own with pieces that you ind in your own price range or with pieces that you borrow from your girlfriends!  Have a favorite look from The Hills?  Comment about it here!

Mixing that Matches

This picture comes from an issue of TeenVogue magazine.  I loveloveloved this piece because of how fantastic the outfits on the girl look.  Something to try this summer: mix patterns!  Find a combination that you love and wear it when you goback to school in the fall.  I want to add that the patterns don't have to be entirely different- you can also match different floral prints or different sized stripes.  To keep the look clean, try to find prints with siilar color schemes or a mutual outstanding color.  You will definitely be turning heads with your confident but coordinated look!  Have fun with this challenge!  Comment with your results.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bottom of the Box At The Top of My List

Congratulations, Valentino!  You have continued to be my favorite designer of all time!
The Spring-Summer collection presents  the messy look in a way that is absolutely gorgeous- it's like finding a Barbie at the bottom of the box- her hair may be a little wispy and her dress a little crimped, but she still shines.  This look that V has given us is a beautifully messy look that turns fringey frills, aged laced, and natural hair into a vision of elegance.  Take this look and turn it int your own to make a statement in your school, workplace, or a night out on the town.

Domo Arigato?

You won't need to sharpen your geometry skills to understand the fabulousity of this trend:
Origami pleats ae finding their ways across necklines and aound waists, haning onto our hems and hanging in our closets.  They are a chic and futuristic look, comparable to none for their sharp and distinct form.
But beware: origami pleats are very memorabe, so they are best worn at big events where you want to stand out and not to work (because then you will have to keep track of when you wore each piece, in avoidance of overwearing the look)!
So, if you find a killer origami-pleats piece, it may be worth the splurge if you can find the appropriate occasion!  If not,just enjoy it on the runways this season :)

Grunge-y Goodness

Summer Grunge Fashion is something you have probably been noticing more frequently.  At first, it looked like a rebellious form of expression, but it's goodto see that it is growing into an accepted and embraced style.  The truth is, grunge isn't just throwing on aything and looking like you're leaving a rock concert- it is casual but chic in it's own way.  I hope you all take a few chances this summer and try the grunge look yourself (or if it's already a style yo've chosen to all your own, be proud you were part of the start of this from the get-go! )

A great source of inspiration is Audrina Partridge, most commenly reconized for her large role in The Hills, in more recent episodes of this MTV "reality".  Another great source of inspiration is this picture I found (thanks, google!) on  They also appear to be a great inspiration for he grunge fashion look.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wishlist- Bow-Tie Skirt

On my wislist since I saw it in the fall on MarthaStewart- this skirt is absolutely adorable without being too costume-y.  It is elegant but not too princess-y.  It is beuatifully made and i absolutely adore it.  Santa, I promise to be extra good this year if you will just bring me this J Crew Bow-Tie Skirt!!

The Beau Bow

Chances are you that even if you haven't seen a full episode, you have seen some GossipGirl flash across your TV/computer/cell screen.  While many watch it to get their weekly dose of NYC drama, it is actually a very fun way to find fahion inspiration!  A big focus right now (and yes, I know, raher contradictory to the "pretty boy" look in many ways).
I am a quite the girly girl in my fashion choices on most occassions, so this post comes rather naturally...  From headbands to earring, embellished tops to full ribbon gowns, I love myself some ribbons and bows! :)
Take this little collage as the start of you inpiration for a bow-tastic outfit and comment with your mega-bow creation please!  Be extra creative and go all out!

Pulling off the "Pretty Boy"

The "pretty boy" look has been a growing trend everywhere, from school to celebrities!  I'm am definitiely not uggesting that you go and switch out your sweaters for some Don Draper suits, but I do think girls/women are glamming up by girly-ing down.
The oxford shoe has been a big trend lately- and like manna from heaven it's being made with a high heel for that feminine element!  The neck/bow-tie is something simple to incorporate ito your outfits.  Personally, Ilike to go wih an oversized/flow bow tie to give it a more glam girl look.
Also, next time you are looking through a flea market or parousing the local garage sales (i'm telling you- these are the best place to find unique accessories!), look for an oversized button up flannel.  It looks so effortless when pulled o ove a plain white T, hair pulle back, and dark-wash jeans.
Another great boy-borrowed accessory is their belt!  This is a great element to have for an oversized sweater, or (more fitting for the season) a flowy spring dress.  Use it t accent your shape by wrapping aound the waist.  Since you are almost guaranteed to have the end of the belt hanging off (because chances are your sweater or dress won't have belt loops where it's most flattering), tuck the end over end behind the belt.  This is another way to subtly seem cute, diverse, and effortless in your outfit.

As they say in J.Crew, it's cute to "Borrow from the Boys"

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Buttons and Bouquets- First Post

Hello World!

This is the first blog for Buttons and Bouquets! A modest start with a simple page and salutation, yes, but I have some big goals for this site. The short term goal is that this blog will be an inspiration for many. However, my long-term goal is to build up my name and a following of fashion-lovers (like myself) that will be there when I start my own fashion line. You heard it here- this is my first step in becoming a well-known designer...but in the lightest sense of the word because I'm not trying to be the next Chanel or Valentino :)

What To Expect From B+B

My Inspirations:
  • France ♥♥♥ (France- je t'aime)
  • Valentino (elegant but not too costume-y. his work just feels like glamour!)
  • Television Shows like The Hills/The City, Gossip Girl, LIVE! with Regis and Kelly, among countless others (Kudos to the stylists!)
  • Nature (colors combinations, structure of flower petals, light v. dark, etc.)
  • School (you never know what you're going to see!)
  • Magazines (from TeenVogue to Seventeen to Living to Bon Appetit!, I can find inspiration on almost any page of a magazine)
  • Our Beloved Pop Culture! I love the style of so many starts, but my favorites are: Emma Watson, LAuren Conrad, Paris Hilton, Amanda Seyfreid, Whitney Port, Emma Roberts, Camilla Belle, Alexa Chung, and (again) so many more!

I hope that you will for now and always appreciate fashion, even if you don't follow this blog. It is such a fantastic mode of self-expression and it is so fun o se how it is always changing.

♥les semble plus lisse, plus forts les esprits, plus doux coeurs♥