Monday, October 25, 2010

Fashion GUYcons- Vampire Weekend

For anyone who hasn't yet, I suggest that you plug yourself in to some Vampire Weekend to enjoy a truly unique sound and one of my favorite groups.  For those of you in the know, VW does not only create great music, but also dresses to the nines and have brought back the ivy league look in the states and abroad.

I pulled some pics to show you just how chic these gents can be (please note that ll pictures were taken from google images) and you may just want to Run to Cape Cod and see for yourself.  Notice that each member always has their own way of pulling off this style- the layering, the scarves, stripes versus plaid versus pastel, and the right keds or Sperry's.  Don't want to pay Ivy League prices for their looks?  Check out your local Good Will, flea market, and discount stores to find unique pieces like these for a very smart price.

Take some inspiration from their pastel polos, classic striped sweaters, and fun glasses, and maybe you too can get an A+ in the Ivy League look.

Tweet me your VW-inspired looks @HauteForHelp !

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