Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pastel Polish: A Different Take on Color Blocking

Chances are, if you've been flipping through the latest edition of your favorite fashion magazine, then you've heard about the huge trend that is Color Blocking.  This trend is one to be carefully executed, for fear of looking like you belong on a teaching mat in a kindergarten classroom.  I find the best way to work into this trend is to incorporate one solid color and work into adding up to four other colors.  Balance and accessorize with a neutral color, black, or white, and stick to one type of metallic with your jewelry.

Now, because it is getting into spring, I decided to experiment with my own fresh take on color blocking.  Instead of sticking with basics from the color wheel, I used pastels!  And here's how:

First, I picked my five colors for the base:
  • Pastel Purple: Revlon (325 Gum Drop)
  • Pale Pink: Fresh Paint (Pom Pom)
  • Mint Green: *obscure polish from Israel that my friend has*
  • Light Yellow: Pure Ice (Excuse Me)
  • *Goal was Robin's Egg Blue*: Sally Hansen (The Real Teal)
Next, I found a neutral to act as the constant that ties together all of the nails:
  • H&M Nail Polish (Beige)
My extra thin detail polish brush is missing, so I used a black sharpie for the definition.

Here's how you can achieve the same look:
  1. Prep nails: file, buff, smooth, and wash hands
  2. Apply one base coat of clear nail polish and allow time to dry
  3. While that is drying, decide the order in which you'd like to paint your nails (organize the bottles so that you maintain your decided pattern
  4. Apply one coat of polish in your decided order (for fun, I did the opposite order on each hand)
  5. Allow your nails enough time to dry (this will depend on your polish)
  6. Apply a second coat of the polish to your nails
  7. Allow the second coat time to dry
  8. Very carefully, use the neutral to create a semicircle along the cuticle so that the flat side is against the base of the nail
  9. Now, allow the nails to dry completely (this may mean a few hours, so make sure you have a nice book to read or homework to type!)
  10. Once the nails are completely dry, use a fine tip polish brush with black nail polish (or, if yours has gone missing like mine, use a black Sharpie!) to outline the beige semicircle, but only along the rounded edge (not the edge against the cuticle)
  11. Allow the polish/Sharpie time to dry completely
  12. Apply two coats of your favorite clear, sealing top coat to help your look last!
Please let me know what you think, if you've tried it, or any other questions/comments/responses that you have  in regards to this post and color blocking by writing in the box below

Thanks ~ Bisoux!

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