Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wishlist: Metallic Oxfords!!

As an avid reader of TeenVogue magazine, I first saw these shoes a few years ago and was in love.  However, I decided against purchasing a pair for myself, because most styles in the metallic/sequin family are short-lived and the price of the pair I wanted was not something I wanted to spend if it wasn't a true investment in my closet. (and you can take that tip about waiting on most sequin/metallic fads to the bank ;] )  But since that issue (from around) two years ago, I have seen these shoes sneak into features done in all seasons.  These shoes seem to have beat the norm and are staying in style through seasons as well as beyond its fellow fads!

My suggestion: save up some moo-lahh and buy yourself a pair!  Then, post your favorite outfit in which you've incorporated your shoes!

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