Monday, July 12, 2010

Fashion up to the Finale

For anyone who watches MTV, you are probably well aware that the finale of The Hills is on tomorrow night!  While the main idea around which the show is based is to show the "real" people of Hollywood/"The Hills", it also does an excellent job of providing an alterior souce as the inspiration for many girl/women's wardrobes!
As the show coes to an end, check out MTV's website and watch some reruns or look through their pictures of The Hills and be inspired!  But while you are finding inspiration, remember that the cast has the money to buy designer clothes.  By being inspired, you aren't taking the exact outfit, but rather finding a look that you love and making it your own with pieces that you ind in your own price range or with pieces that you borrow from your girlfriends!  Have a favorite look from The Hills?  Comment about it here!

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