Thursday, June 3, 2010

Buttons and Bouquets- First Post

Hello World!

This is the first blog for Buttons and Bouquets! A modest start with a simple page and salutation, yes, but I have some big goals for this site. The short term goal is that this blog will be an inspiration for many. However, my long-term goal is to build up my name and a following of fashion-lovers (like myself) that will be there when I start my own fashion line. You heard it here- this is my first step in becoming a well-known designer...but in the lightest sense of the word because I'm not trying to be the next Chanel or Valentino :)

What To Expect From B+B

My Inspirations:
  • France ♥♥♥ (France- je t'aime)
  • Valentino (elegant but not too costume-y. his work just feels like glamour!)
  • Television Shows like The Hills/The City, Gossip Girl, LIVE! with Regis and Kelly, among countless others (Kudos to the stylists!)
  • Nature (colors combinations, structure of flower petals, light v. dark, etc.)
  • School (you never know what you're going to see!)
  • Magazines (from TeenVogue to Seventeen to Living to Bon Appetit!, I can find inspiration on almost any page of a magazine)
  • Our Beloved Pop Culture! I love the style of so many starts, but my favorites are: Emma Watson, LAuren Conrad, Paris Hilton, Amanda Seyfreid, Whitney Port, Emma Roberts, Camilla Belle, Alexa Chung, and (again) so many more!

I hope that you will for now and always appreciate fashion, even if you don't follow this blog. It is such a fantastic mode of self-expression and it is so fun o se how it is always changing.

♥les semble plus lisse, plus forts les esprits, plus doux coeurs♥


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