Friday, June 25, 2010

Grunge-y Goodness

Summer Grunge Fashion is something you have probably been noticing more frequently.  At first, it looked like a rebellious form of expression, but it's goodto see that it is growing into an accepted and embraced style.  The truth is, grunge isn't just throwing on aything and looking like you're leaving a rock concert- it is casual but chic in it's own way.  I hope you all take a few chances this summer and try the grunge look yourself (or if it's already a style yo've chosen to all your own, be proud you were part of the start of this from the get-go! )

A great source of inspiration is Audrina Partridge, most commenly reconized for her large role in The Hills, in more recent episodes of this MTV "reality".  Another great source of inspiration is this picture I found (thanks, google!) on  They also appear to be a great inspiration for he grunge fashion look.

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