Friday, June 4, 2010

Pulling off the "Pretty Boy"

The "pretty boy" look has been a growing trend everywhere, from school to celebrities!  I'm am definitiely not uggesting that you go and switch out your sweaters for some Don Draper suits, but I do think girls/women are glamming up by girly-ing down.
The oxford shoe has been a big trend lately- and like manna from heaven it's being made with a high heel for that feminine element!  The neck/bow-tie is something simple to incorporate ito your outfits.  Personally, Ilike to go wih an oversized/flow bow tie to give it a more glam girl look.
Also, next time you are looking through a flea market or parousing the local garage sales (i'm telling you- these are the best place to find unique accessories!), look for an oversized button up flannel.  It looks so effortless when pulled o ove a plain white T, hair pulle back, and dark-wash jeans.
Another great boy-borrowed accessory is their belt!  This is a great element to have for an oversized sweater, or (more fitting for the season) a flowy spring dress.  Use it t accent your shape by wrapping aound the waist.  Since you are almost guaranteed to have the end of the belt hanging off (because chances are your sweater or dress won't have belt loops where it's most flattering), tuck the end over end behind the belt.  This is another way to subtly seem cute, diverse, and effortless in your outfit.

As they say in J.Crew, it's cute to "Borrow from the Boys"

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