Friday, June 4, 2010

The Beau Bow

Chances are you that even if you haven't seen a full episode, you have seen some GossipGirl flash across your TV/computer/cell screen.  While many watch it to get their weekly dose of NYC drama, it is actually a very fun way to find fahion inspiration!  A big focus right now (and yes, I know, raher contradictory to the "pretty boy" look in many ways).
I am a quite the girly girl in my fashion choices on most occassions, so this post comes rather naturally...  From headbands to earring, embellished tops to full ribbon gowns, I love myself some ribbons and bows! :)
Take this little collage as the start of you inpiration for a bow-tastic outfit and comment with your mega-bow creation please!  Be extra creative and go all out!

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